Sloth Trade

Discord Trading Bot

Posted by Kossanovic on May 09, 2023


Sloth Trade is a discord bot that uses Rapptz's It allows to create your own item listing system where you and your server users can list items to sell or offer.

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  • Custom item properies.
  • Custom /sell app command.
  • Remove items from database.
  • Role assigning to determine who can_sell can_remove can_search
  • Channels assigning sell_channel remove_channel listing_channel search_channel
  • Searching feature
  • Listings supports images


After bot will be invited it will send a message to first channel he has permissions to message to:


From that point you can setup a bot with /settings command. This command will work only on server's system channel.

Settings command

  • /settings This command will return avaiable settings options.


We can use one of this listed options to get detailed info about the option. Let's use logging

  • /settings [option]


Last thing we can use with /settings [option] is a parameter hinted in previous message. We will use general as a channel's name.

  • /settings [option] [parameter] We will get a confirmation prompt. After confirmation chosen setting will be updated.


After confirmation messages can be send: One will be always send on server's system channel.


Other will be send if setup logging option. This will be sending logs about changes to options.


  • Note: This message is send by Trading Logging webhook. Trading Listing Trading Search Trading Selling will be created during setup as well.

Other commands

  • /remove

    • /remove 00017
      • Accepts ID 00001 and 99999. Leading zeros are necessary. Each item listed on each server once posted will also have it's own unique ID.
    • /remove everything
      • Accepts keyword everything. This can be activated only by server members with Manage Server permission. Confirmation message will be send first.
  • /search

    • /search very cool thing
      • Accepts any sentence.

Sell slash command

This command is created by /settings item_properties, use this function to get detailed information about it's usage.

  • /settings item_properties
    • /settings item_properties - title:Title of a book? - year:Release year?
      • This will create a item property with it's description. Both, property and description are necessary. It accepts up to 4 property:description pairs.
      • - between pairs are necessary.
      • Note price property doesn't need to be created because it will be always created.
      • image

After this command will run your slash command will be activated. If you setup logging beforhand it will let you know once command would be activated.